We were all chocked when we heard about an attack in Paris.  As the night wen’t on, we got more details.  It was not just one attack, there were 6 terrorist attacks by suicide bombers.  These bombings occurred outside a soccer match, restaurants, a concert, in the middle of a street and an avenue.

These has people around the world glued to social media to hear updates.  I went to dinner and the restaurant had at least 3 tv’s showing the news and a few of us at the table were reading the news on our phones.  Today we are still glued to the news, to hear any new updates about this.

I read a little bit about a few of the victims, and it was not their time to die. It breaks my heart and I pray for all their families and friends, for the people of Paris, and for the entire world.

We cannot wait for other people to stop attacking others, we all need to stop.  We need a better world.



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