Is this real?

This summer's last long weekend sadly ended today, and it was a very good long weekend. Apart from spending a great weekend at the beach with my family (Summer ends, things change), we come home still not ready to face reality. We were forced to face reality this morning, before we came back home, as … Continue reading Is this real?

Ignorance is our worst enemy 

Being Puerto Rican, I know that speaking spanish anywhere but here, people always think I'm from any of the other Spanish speaking places in the world, especially people who don't speak Spanish. People immediately think I'm Mexican or Dominican,  when I'm Puertorican; people see us all as the same thing. We are not, we have … Continue reading Ignorance is our worst enemy 

Say no to guns

I have to keep going on about this because this is just a logical thing, don't put guns in the hands of citizens, even if they're law abiding citizens, or appear to be. You don't know whose hands the gun is going to end up, or where the bullet will end up. Republicans say carrying … Continue reading Say no to guns

All we need is love

Hearing the news about the mass shooting in Orlando was another reminder of why we need love and acceptance in this world. I just keep thinking about all the victims, their friends and families. Our world cannot continue this way. Stop thinking about the differences between you and others, stop judging and criticizing. We don't … Continue reading All we need is love

Pray for Brussels

Today I woke up to my mom telling me to turn on the TV, to hear about what happened in Brussels.What? What happened?  She told me there had been an attack there. I watched and listened while I got ready to go this morning. By the time I left, they didn't have a lot of … Continue reading Pray for Brussels

Journalist at war in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, the story of a reporter who is sent to Afghanistan, based on The Taliban Shuffle: Strange days in Afghanistan and Pakistan, a memoir by Kim Barker. Staring Tina Fey, as Kim Baker, this is not your typical war story; we get to see it all from her perspective, as Kim Barker told … Continue reading Journalist at war in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Good bye 2015

Ten months ago I decided I wanted people to read what I was writing, so I started a blog. I thought I would only write a few times a month, and just so people close to me could read it, I didn't think anyone else would be interested. But people were interested, so I kept … Continue reading Good bye 2015

Priant pour Paris

We were all chocked when we heard about an attack in Paris.  As the night wen't on, we got more details.  It was not just one attack, there were 6 terrorist attacks by suicide bombers.  These bombings occurred outside a soccer match, restaurants, a concert, in the middle of a street and an avenue. These … Continue reading Priant pour Paris

Saturday bombing in Turkey

Bombing in Turkey After a deadly bombing which killed thousands during a peace rally in the Turkish capital Ankara, the government is looking into who is responsible for this.  There are two suspects,the Sunni militants of the Islamic State and the rebels of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or P.K.K but none have been identified yet. … Continue reading Saturday bombing in Turkey