Today I began the day by writing a cover letter for another job application, the first one on the year. After sending the cover letter and resume I went to the gym for my first workout of the year. After I got home and had lunch I decided to do laundry, another first to 2016.

This is the exciting part of the New Year; everything we do is a first for that year. Today I ran for the first time in 2016. It doesn’t matter that I ran for 12, instead of the 15 minutes I was able to run in December. That was the ending of 2015,  but now it’s 2016, and I was able to start the year running for 12 minutes. I also started sending out job applications earlier this year. Last year I started applying close to summer, but this year the job search began early, only four days into the year.

As I said in my previous post, it’s time to start fresh and get things done. I want to do this, do better this year and achieve more. I have three New Year’s resolutions; one is to get a job, second is to make my blog stronger and keep growing, and third is to continue taking graduate classes.

Let’s get all of this, and more done before 2017.


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