Happy Three-Kings Day!

As the holiday season ends with the New Year for a lot of people, it still has a few more weeks for some of us. Today we are celebrating Three-Kings Day, the day that represents the three kings, or three wise men that visited and brought gifts after the birth of Jesus. To prepare, kids leave boxes filled with grass, the night before, for the kings’ camels to eat as they visit each house to leave their presents. If there is no food the camels might skip that house because they’re hungry

These kings leave presents, but this day does not focus so much in the giving and receiving of gifts. Today focuses more on spending another day enjoying the company of family and friends. Of course this involves food and music, just like the other holidays, and it’s just as festive.

Just like Christmas gives a happy ending to the year, Three-Kings Day gives it a happy beginning. It allows us to keep the celebration going for a little bit longer and helps us create more good memories and festive moments with loved ones.

Tarde pero seguro, Feliz Día de Reyes! Espero que hayan pasado un bonito día con sus seres queridos y que el nuevo año les siga dando cosas buenas.









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