Last week I was on vacation, away from all my worries. There was not a boring moment or day, every moment was filled with activities. From taking pictures with characters, to seeing the night sky light up with beautiful fireworks, it really was a magical vacation.

I not only had pictures taken of me next to the characters, at the very beginning of the trip I decided I wanted selfies with as my of them as I could, and I achieved this. The only one I was not able to ask for a selfie with was Beast, from Beauty and the Beast, but there was a line and it was kind of scary.

In our week long vacation, we got to go to all four parks in Disney World, spending all day exploring the different rides, shows, and stores. We walked so much I thought I would loose weight, but instead I gained 1 pound. But that doesn’t matter, I was active all week, more active than I have been in a long time. Also I got to spend a lot of time (all week) with my grandparents and aunts, which was a lot of fun. They were all happy, having fun and enjoying our vacation.

It’s over now, and that is sad after spending a few weeks waiting for this vacation, but there are no regrets, just good memories. After this vacation I feel refreshed and ready to go on to the next step in my life. I had my fun, now I need to get to work and find a job.


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