I hadn’t really done anything today, just get my Flickr account going. Then in the afternoon I walked to school to tutor a girl, that’s it, so when I heard #teamsusie was going for a walk, I signed up.

It wasn’t that long of a walk, but I am so tired. Now I’m just thinking, we walked twice that distance all day while I was on vacation at Disney World just two weeks ago, and now I’m so tired after walking for more or less an hour. I feel like I’ve been doing nothing these last few weeks, if I can’t even handle walking for an hour? I feel lazy, and I’ve been trying to stay active. The week after we got back, I went to the gym everyday, for which I need to thank my friend Frances. If she didn’t want to go that week, I think I would have sat here all week. This week I’ve been going too, but I still feel lazy, I don’t know why.

Again, thank you #teamsusie, for getting me out of the house and moving. I’m glad I didn’t just stay home after eating three burritos for dinner, that’s right 3!  But I got up and walked 4.01 miles today, reaching 10,206 steps.


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