You know that thing that there are not a lot of jobs? People can’t find jobs in Puerto Rico, even less for young people, and very few for writers. Oooh and there’s this other thing that right before you graduate, you have this horrible accident, so then you can’t work after you graduate. You can’t work and they keep nagging you to pay for all the loans, right away. As if there weren’t more important things happening at the moment, than paying for loans. So my generation has trouble finding jobs, and it’s like ten times more difficult for a writer with a disability.

But as you might have heard, I just got an internship. It’s part time, and an internship, but this gives me the chance to do what I have been waiting for a few years to do, and that’s paying for loans. Well, I want other stuff, paying for loans is just more important; and I just did! I didn’t pay much, but I started, and it’s the intention that counts.

I am so happy to say that I’m part of the working force who is paying for her student loans! This will show them I wasn’t running away from the loans, I just couldn’t pay them.

And now I feel like an adult.


2 thoughts on “I’m finally an adult who pays for her loans

  1. Kiki, you are a true inspiration for me and lots of other people. You’re a very strong and courageous young woman (even though you’ll always be a baby to me). I truly admire you. You have the strengh and determination of the Casses (Papaito, Mami, Abuela Tita, Tio Juanma) and the Cruz family (your Grandpa Rafael, Titi Mirta, Ttio Baby, Titi Nydia). They’re all fighters and so are you.

    Keep fighting, working hard, keep dreaming, and you’ll get wherever you want to go. Remember; the sky’s the limit 🌠.


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