Today I woke up to my mom telling me to turn on the TV, to hear about what happened in Brussels.What? What happened? 

She told me there had been an attack there. I watched and listened while I got ready to go this morning. By the time I left, they didn’t have a lot of information yet, just that there had been two attacks, one in the airport and one on in the metro station. Why?

I’m still asking myself this question. But as the day went by they got more information. As of a few hours ago there had been 11 deaths confirmed in the two airport bombings, 20 in the metro station. There were also, at least 230 injuries confirmed in both bombings.

I want to pray for everybody affected by this, and other attacks. Pray for those in Baghdad, Damascus, Homs, Tunisia,and Istanbul. I keep wishing this will be the last.





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