I have been kind off covering this story on a few of my previews posts, and today it got more interesting, but I won’t stop until they vote. Right now democrat representatives are staging a sit-in, refusing to leave the house of representatives until they have reached a vote on gun control. 

These are news I am very happy to hear, that those elected to protect the people are actually trying to do that, at least some of them. This sit in has been going on all day, and I hope this brings us the much needed change.

Republicans can keep defending the constitution and peoples’ rights; we also have a right to walk freely without fear of being killed. Why do people have a right to carry a weapon used to kill? That is not a right that should be defended.

Now I don’t know about them, but I really really really value safety and staying alive, and the lives of everyone around me. They cannot tell me the constitution goes above people keeping their lives and they don’t really understand the point of the constitution. Keep us, the citizens safe. That’s what you were voted up there to do, now do the logical thing and get rid of those guns.

Rep. John Lewis Takes Action on Guns

We have so many things to worry about,and I fear so many things, we have to act now for this, not later, so lets end this.

Thank you very much for your attention and for deciding to vote for gun control,



2 thoughts on “#NoBillNoBreak

  1. I agree! (Just a small correction. There are no senators in the House, just representatives. In the Senate, one can perform a filibuster like Senator Murphy did, to force votes. But there’s no equivalent parliamentary procedure for forcing the Speaker of the House to allow bills to come to the floor for voting. That’s why Mr. Lewis’ action is innovative. They’ve never seen anything like it!)


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