I like to run, mostly on the treadmill, by myself just listening to music; music is a must. At the beginning of the run I just want to give up, but as I keep going I start thinking; sometimes about dinner or lunch, sometimes about movies or TV. Other times stuff in my head starts making sense, or I remember things, and sometimes I have good ideas. I feel good, tired, but good after my workout. 

I thought being active was just that, being active, but had nothing to do with the brain or neurons. But I learned that it does, it looks like vigorous activity; running, aerobics or dancing; creates new neurons and helps them grow. In addition this can also reduce negative emotions in people. I don’t know why but my fist guess would be that it takes your mind of those negative thoughts, but don’t quote me on that because it’s just a guess.

Exercise has been something that has been part of my recovery, since the very beginning, but I thought that was just to get my body moving again after months of not moving. It wasn’t just that but it also to get my brain working. Now that I think of it, I bought an XBOX game that was intended to get your mind and body working. I had forgotten about that.

I read about this in Neuroscientists Explain How Running Changes Our Brains And Affects Our Thinking, which helped me see that exercise and staying active is good after a TBI. Is not just necessary so you can get movement in your muscles again, but so you can start creating those new neurons you need to get your life back, to create new memories and recover old ones.

So let’s keep running, keep the 5k’s coming.


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