Today is my step dad Jose’s turn. He told me not to write about him, just to say thanks Jose, but he deserves more than that. I can’t abide to his wishes since our relationship is mostly based in friendly fights, so I have to do the opposite of what he asked me.

But seriously, Jose has been a great addition to our family, he was the missing piece in our house. Jose is that person who doesn’t have a bad bone in his body, he’s just a happy guy who does everything he can to get his job done, and to make his family happy. I am not his real daughter, but he treats me like that, he always makes sure I have my medicine and that I am safe. Every time I’m stressed Jose tries to make me happy, he just wants me to be happy and that’s a father.

My brother and I are baggage that came along with his wife, but he has done everything he can to make us feel as his son and daughter, and we are happy with him as a father. He is a funny guy, who finds fun in the simplest things, like watching trucks, or home improvement videos on You Tube. He’s one of a kind.

Love you, Jose



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