This next person I’m going to talk about has been another mother to my brother and me. Since I was little, I was her biggest fan, yelling out that she was there when she came home to my grandparent’s house. I loved it when my brother and I had sleep overs with her, this was always an adventure. She would hide and we had to find her, she would watch movies with us, tell us funny stories, play games with us and even let us stay up a few minutes later than our parents let us. She was our fun aunt, but she didn’t let us go too crazy, it was very organized fun; because that’s part of her, always being organized and ready for anything.

She loves spending time with and seeing her 8 nieces and nephews, and seeing us happy, as well as the rest of the family. She is the one who brings the family together and helps us have a good time. We eat well, there’s always good food, we talk, we dance, we sing; it’s always a good time.

She is always there when we need her, she is there to make us laugh and she is there when times are rough. When my mom had to raise us alone, she was there, ready to help with anything we needed, never expecting anything in return. 

She jumped on a plane with my mom when she heard I had been in an accident and they were the first ones to arrive there. She was the one who stayed with me in the rehab center when my mom had to come back home for a few weeks,s and she went back to Syracuse with us for my last surgery.

She is not just my aunt, she’s my friend and my other mom, I can talk to her about anything and we have jokes just between us. Tití is another one of the strong women in my family who have helped me come out of the TBI stronger than I was before.

I really don’t know how to thank her for everything she has done for all of us, except say that I love you and I’ll always be here. You can count on me for anything wether you need another kidney or just a pair of shoes (we wear the same size).

Oh, and I also want to wish you a Happy Birthday Month!!!!!



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