You never know who your friends are

You’ve heard that phrase right? Well I always thought it was a negative phrase and in some cases it is, you think some people are your friends, but they just run away the moment something goes wrong. 

I don’t see it that way anymore. Now I see that we have friends even if we don’t notice, they can be people you met through other people, people yo see at parties, or people you went to school with. There are a lot of definitions for the word friend but my favorite is a person who supports something of someone, and I know I have a lot of friends. A lot of them were there with my family and me at the hospital, they didn’t have to, but they were there. They spent their last days in college sitting in a hospital waiting for me to wake up.

You were all there with my family, you brought them food, you studied for your finals in the waiting room. You were there for me and that is more than I could ever ask.

It’s sad that you never know who your friends are until you screw up or  you’re in the hospital, but it’s those people who are there by your side, or wishing they could  be there when you are at your worst that you know you can count on

I never thought so many people would be there, but a lot of you were. It didn’t matter if we went to high school together, you knew me since freshmen year or if we knew each other for less than a year, you were there. Some friends even traveled to Syracuse to see me, to be there for my family.

To all my friends, thank you! I hope you’re all doing well and that we’ll see each other soon!



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