During my rehabilitation I have been given the chance to have temporary jobs. Each of these jobs has been a wonderful opportunity to keep improving and showing how much I have grown. They have allowed me to be a little bit more independent and keep proving to myself that I can do this.

In my first job as a temp I had to make copies of a lot of files; that was it, making copies, but I was out of my house, doing something on my own. That summer I worked as a camp counselor at the same place where I had gotten aquatic therapy. I helped the therapist’s daughter run the camp in which we provided the kids with different fun activities, from painting, to swimming. Next summer I also worked as camp counselor but this time in a different one, a much larger one. This time I was one of the other 9 or 10 helpers of the teachers running the camp held at my former school. This was also fun, but I would go home in the afternoon exhausted. After those three, we get to my current job, which has been the one that has lasted the longest. I have gotten a lot of hands on experience, from writing press releases to emailing, calling and going to meetings with clients.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me find a job, given me a job, or has worked with me for having patience and giving me the chance to show what I can do and learn. I want to thank you for making me happy to come to work, for being patient, and for being my friends. I know I still have a long way to go to find a steady job and to be able to be a completely independent adult, but thanks for giving me the chance to start, for helping me, teaching me, and for believing in me. I hope I can make you all proud someday.



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