More news

I was so happy about my new puppies yesterday that I forgot to mention something else. At about 3 p.m I got the news that the final grade for the class I just took was posted. I had almost forgotten that I was waiting for that, but one of my fellow group members sent us … Continue reading More news

Thank you for my jobs

During my rehabilitation I have been given the chance to have temporary jobs. Each of these jobs has been a wonderful opportunity to keep improving and showing how much I have grown. They have allowed me to be a little bit more independent and keep proving to myself that I can do this. In my … Continue reading Thank you for my jobs

Remember, please

These past few weeks I have been taking some tests to check how much I have improved through the year. I have taken these set of tests twice already since the accident, and I haven't really felt very good about my improvement this year. I felt like I wasn't doing well when it came to … Continue reading Remember, please