The acts in Orlando a month ago, the truck in Nice a few days ago, the shooting in  Baton Rouge a few hours ago, and everything in the news nowadays show everything that is wrong with the world, but if you look very closely you can still find the good in people. When you look as closely as the man sitting with his friend at the beach, see him get up from his beach chair to help four women get themselves and all their stuff up the stairs they could barely reach, you see that there are still people who care, people who help others without expecting anything in return. This simple act of niceness, or goodness can change the way you look at things that day. Don’t yell at people knocking on the door, say you’ll be there in a minute.

One simple action like this can change a million people. Don’t hate, don’t yell, don’t loose hope, don’t stop believing in the goodness of people. Let’s make today, tomorrow, this week, next month, this year, a great one; not just for us, for everybody. Love the difference, the new, the strange. Accept the challenge to meet new people, learn from and about them.

Stop looking for hate, stop ignoring people, stop being rude; look around, talk to people, help them and let them help you. I’m tired of what we’re becoming, a world more and more separated, a world looking for money and Pokemon. I may sound like a hippie but I really think that’s what we need right now.

Peace and Love


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