This summer has been a rude awakening for me, showing me that I need to worry about my weight. I never cared about this, I love to eat and that’s true love, I will never abandon it, but I forgot I can’t eat everything on my plate and then have two, maybe three scoops of chocolate ice cream.

I was able to do this when I wanted to gain weight after the accident 4 years ago, but I gained back my weight and then a little bit more. I was too used to eating whatever my heart wanted, my stomach would just say bring it on. I’m not talking about ridiculous amounts of food, my stomach can’t handle that, but I need to watch myself. I need to watch the junk food, the chocolate, hamburgers, pizza, pasta, fried food, soda. Not stop, just don’t go crazy eating it. I keep saying this to myself, but I don’t do anything about it.

If you remember, last summer I quit Diet Coke, but that only lasted for like 40 days, I remember because I was a little disappointed in myself, I couldn’t even make it for a whole summer. So I haven’t tried to do anything so ridiculous again, but I need to get myself back in chape and eat a little better. My mom is on the eating better thing so I’m eating better at home, when we go out that’s my problem, so i’m at least doing better when I’m eating at home.

The next thing I need to take care of is working out a little bit more. I thought it would be easy to do during the summer because I always have a ride during the summer. What I didn’t consider was that we would be doing stuff on the days I wasn’t working and I wouldn’t be able to go. So that happened, we were with family and I didn’t go so much for a couple of weeks, but I ate a lot during those weeks.

Now, at the end of summer I am regretting all this eating and laziness and want to turn back time a little bit. Now I’ll have to get moving, go to the gym more than three days a week and eat better.

I have a plan on how to do this, let’s see how it goes.



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