During the Olympics in London four years ago I was staying at my aunt’s house while we waited for my surgery. I barely remember this but they tell me the games were always on, my uncle would watch them all when he got home after work. I know they were on, but I don’t remember what I saw.

This time, Rio 2016 is just beginning and I’m currently watching the Opening Ceremony. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Brazil; the music, dancing, colors, and the energy. They show the history of Brazil from the Amazon rain forest and the indigenous people, to people dancing in the favelas.

Now I’m waiting to see the Puerto Rican team walk in the ceremony and proudly represent Puerto Rico. I’m excited to see our athletes show the world what were made of.  We don’t have a large team but that doesn’t matter, it’s not quantity that’s important, it’s quality.

¡Puerto Rico you voy a ti!



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