Culson, you are a champion

As we all know and have been able to witness this summer, every four years, countries from all over the world send their best athletes to compete and represent them in the Olympic games. Athletes give it all they have in them to make their people proud. They spend four years, day in and day … Continue reading Culson, you are a champion


If you’re an Olympian, act like one

So, four swimmers in the U.S. Olympic team lied about being robbed at gun point in Rio and the International Olympic Committee said they were there to have fun, give them a break? Aren't they there to represent their country in a civilized manner? Aren't they supposed to follow rules just like they would anywhere … Continue reading If you’re an Olympian, act like one

Running to semifinals

Last week was an exciting week for Puerto Rico, our own Monica Puig was the first Puerto Rican to win a gold medal in the Olympics. We are still celebrating this amazing moment, but we have to remember that Rio 2016 is not over yet, we still have athletes in Brazil giving it their all … Continue reading Running to semifinals

Gold for Puerto Rico!!!

She did it!!! Monica just won Puerto Rico's first gold medal in the Olympics! The 22 year old Puerto Rican, ranked #34, being the lowest ranked woman to win a gold medal or to even compete for one. She is also the first Puerto Rican tenis player to reach finals in the olympics, the first … Continue reading Gold for Puerto Rico!!!

#PicaPower making history

As we head into day 6 of the 2016 Olympics all of Puerto Rico's eyes are on Monica Puig. Monica is making history as she will be the first Puerto Rican woman to reach the semifinals in Tenis in the Olympics.  The last time I remember Puerto Rico's eyes were glued to the Olympics was … Continue reading #PicaPower making history