Today Puerto Rico was glued to the TV watching as Monica Puig won her semifinal Tenis match against Petra Kvitova. Tomorrow  we will all be watching as she plays against Angelique Kerber. We are all hoping she wins and have faith in her that she can do it.

Today people were watching everywhere, at work, school, restaurants, home. I even heard someone scream from another apartment near mine.

When we ate dinner the waiters were still talking about the match while watching other Puerto Ricans compete. We are a small island but we have a lot of pride in our island. This is our first olympic medal in tennis and we are all looking forward to this, win or loose today, she made it to finals. Puerto Rico is getting it’s first olympic medal in tennis.

Monica is showing the world what Puerto Ricans are made of. She’s going for it soon, and we’re all watching and rooting for her.

Vamos Monica! Puerto Rico está contigo!


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