As we head into day 6 of the 2016 Olympics all of Puerto Rico’s eyes are on Monica Puig. Monica is making history as she will be the first Puerto Rican woman to reach the semifinals in Tenis in the Olympics. 

The last time I remember Puerto Rico’s eyes were glued to the Olympics was during the Olympics in Athens in 2004 when our basketball team beat the Dream Team. I remember watching that game, when Carlos Arroyo showed off his team shirt on the basketball court, as we beat the Dream Team.


I think everyone will always remember that moment, even if they didn’t see the game everyone knows that image, and I think it will go down in history.

This year, we have all been consumed by politics, financial troubles and Zika, but Monica’s success has been Puerto Rico’s success. She is putting Puerto Rico’s name up there, beating the top ranked players and chocking people. She is making history, reaching higher than any other Puerto Rican woman in olympic history. She could soon win Puerto Rico’s first gold medal in olympic history.

We’re all rooting for you Mónica.

Magistral victoria para Mónica Puig

Puerto Rico has never won an Olympic gold medal. Monica Puig could change that soon.


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