This weekend my apartment has been invaded by two, not one, two adorable beasts. We have given them shelter, food, exercise, and a good time.

I thought taking care of two dogs would be so much work, and I’m sure being their owner is but, just taking care of them for a weekend is not as difficult as I thought. One follows the other and since Lego is a very calm dog I think this has rubbed of a little bit on Robin. He is still crazy, but not as crazy as he used to be; I think he has seen how a dog should behave. They play and hang out, if Robin has a toy, Lego wants it, and viceversa but they don’t fight; well only when they’re playing.

Robin and Lego having fun

The difficult part, at least for me, is giving both of them equal attention. I feel bad if I’m giving one of them too much attention, I think the other one notices and might get jealous. I don’t know if dogs notice this or care but from what I have seen in cartoons they feel bad if you give one more attention than the other. I don’t want lego to feel like we like Robin better because he is the original dog, or Robin to feel jealous of the new guy.

I think we have been able to treat them both the same, it’s even easier at bed time. It used to be horrible making Robin go in his kennel and stop barking, But now he just goes in and barely barks because he sees Lego on the other one right next to him.

Lego has been a great addition to the family, it’s great for Robin to have a brother, have another dog to run around with and play with. They both look happy and I love having not one, but two happy nephews.

img_2073 *Tired after their morning walk


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