Right now I thought what game is on in the Olympics? But then reality checked in, the Olympics are over. For a little over two weeks I could turn on the television on NBC or Telemundo or one of the other million channels that was showing the games, and there was something interesting to watch. Even if I don’t usually watch sports on tv, the Olympics is different; at one time or another I watched at least a little bit of each sport, except golf. I could never bring myself to watch golf even though there’s a channel dedicated to this and had the games on 24/7.

I saw volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, diving, swimming, track and field, boxing, judo, cycling, handball, table tennis, and I don’t remember what else. Maybe it was just a few minutes of some of these, but I sat down and watched athletes do things I can never see myself doing.

Last night in Brazil, the first Olympics in South America came to an end with a closing ceremony in Maracana Stadium full of fireworks, music, and everything we could expect after the amazing opening ceremony. Athletes from every country walked into the stadium together, not divided by country, which showed the true spirit of the Olympic games.

As they showed the amazing moments that happened everyday , some of which we remembered or heard about, others we may have missed, but we were shown the hard work, victory, sadness, joy, and athletes coming together as friends.

Before the games began, there was a lot of doubt whether these Olympics could happen in Rio due to the Zica virus and if Rio would be ready to host, but no matter the doubts or criticisms Brazil did it.

The four hour long closing ceremony looked amazing on tv, which was probably 10 times better in real life. The music, the celebration, the people, the fireworks, it was anything you could expect after the spectacular commencement ceremony. There were colors, dancing and singing zamba, Olympic rings formed by dancers, children singing the Brazilian anthem and dancers forming the olympic circles.

After a representative from each country carried out their flag, all athletes walked in the stadium together, no longer divided by country, showing the true spirit of the Olympics.

As the end of the games the fire was put out and Tokyo 2020 was introduced as the governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike dressed as Mario, walked on stage. This marked the end of the Olympics in Rio and the transition to games in Japan.

Now that the games are over we go back to focusing on real life and on the November elections these past two weeks were a great distraction from that, the only politics I heard was when the candidates cheered for the athletes.


Tomorrow we’re welcoming our athletes in Puerto Rico and after that, the party’s over and life goes back to normal. For those of us not going to celebrate tomorrow, the party was over yesterday, tomorrow will just be another day at work and my first day of class. Wish me luck!





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