After going to a pretty empty beach on the Saturday of labor day weekend (thank you clouds) I got home to begin working on my homework for Tuesday. This was not easy due to the fact that I have to use Google Maps and I have only used Google Maps to find locations, not to make my own map showing which route I followed. After about two hours of doing the wrong thing over and over again, and drawing my map over and over again just to have it all disappear in the end, don’t ask me how or why because I’m still asking myself the same question; I finished. Well, I finished the first part which was marking my route on the map, I still have a lot more to do, but I think the pictures and explaining everything can wait until tomorrow.

After the long walk to the beach, being in the water, taking pictures, and just figuring out Google Maps, I’m surprised how I’m awake right now. I need to get some sleep to be able to do all this again tomorrow and be able to get some work done on my project too.

It has been so long since I have had to worry about homework, I mean, I’m doing homework while we’re on vacation on Labor Day Weekend, this feels weird.


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