I have been driven to and from work twice a week every week for almost six months, since I got my job, because of my fear of crossing the avenue between my office and my house by myself. I had been lucky to always have somebody to drive me or cross the avenue with me, but today I had to face my fear. 

I asked if anyone was going out to lunch, hoping someone would at least walk with me across the street, but as they said no, I had to be brave. I walked out with my head held up high, watching as there weren’t that many cars in the street. Seeing this as I walked towards the street light and the crossway, calmed me down a little bit.

Of course I got a little bit nervous when I was about to cross the street when I saw a small iguana walking very close to my feet. This iguana was not alarmed by me walking by, I was the one that was scared, but I had to keep focusing because I was close to the crossway.

As I got there the light had just turned to red meaning that it was safe to cross the street, but I still had to look both ways, checking for busses coming. I made sure nobody was coming, I kept checking the light was still red, and that there still weren’t busses coming.

When I made it safely across the avenue, I couldn’t believe it, I have not been able to do this alone in over 4 years. Why? Well the last time I tried to do this alone I didn’t have the best results; but forced me to learn a lesson which makes me wish everybody learned but not the way I did.

This doesn’t mean I want to do this again anytime soon, but if I need to do this again, I can.

I finally did it! And everyone who told me that I had to get over this fear, I DID IT!!!



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