Last night, at about 12:45, I woke up because there were people in my room turning on my air conditioner. I was still half asleep but I was still able to ask “volvió la luz?” (“is the power back?”), and obviously it had if they turned the air conditioner on. After they said yes, and got over the shock that I woke up, I quickly fell asleep again.

Today some people and places that got their power back, lost it again. We were able to go to the Department of Transportation  so Mami could get her driver’s license renewed, everything was working there, and when we were leaving I got free ice cream. I don’t know if they gave free ice cream to everyone, but it was really nice. Then, in the afternoon we went to the only mall that was open and working,  but they lost their  power right before we got there, so we left. Then we tried Best Buy but everything shut down just as I was going to buy a new charger. I had it in my hand when they told us we had to leave.

I guess I wasn’t supposed to pay for anything today; I didn’t have to pay for ice cream, and I couldn’t buy the charger. This blackout it helping me save money.

But it’s not all good, really it hasn’t been cheap for anybody. People have left their houses to stay in hotels where there is power and the news keep saying that everything is fine, that a lot of people already have power, when we know that’s not true. I know a lot of people who are still in the dark, or others who had power but it shut down again. I know part of it is because two of the principal units that provide electrical energy shut down today causing a few location to loose their power again, but others just never had it. The government should tell people the truth.

These have been three very messy days and I just hope everything can be fixed soon. I have to do a lot of laundry, again and I have another project due on Tuesday, which counts as an exam so it’s a big deal. I have to get it done in time and I need to used Google Maps, nothing can shut down again.



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