As of today most homes and businesses were said to have their power re established. I know that most people I know who still didn’t have power, got it back sometime between last night and this morning but there are still over 17,000 people without light or power in their homes or businesses.These people are going into their fifth day without any lights or electricity in their houses and I know some of them. These people can’t believe how everyone around them got their power back and they still haven’t. Five days, I didn’t even make it to three and I was going crazy. My heart goes out to all of those who are still in this mess and I hope this is solved soon.

I was somewhat disconnected from the world today too, not because of lack of electricity, but because of lack of  digital mobile device. I left my cellphone at home, when I realized it made no sense going back for it, so I had to suck it up and spend about 8 hours out in the world disconnected from everything else. It actually felt good not being tied to my smartphone all day and I really didn’t miss it that much. I did take a few pictures with my tablet and shared them, but that’s it, no more use of social media for about 8 hours, and I survived.

I think that was good for me, spending a day socializing without spending the day fixated in social media or texts; it was nice to get away from that and to just talk to people. Being fixated on your phone you miss a lot of what’s happening on the real world, in real time.



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