So now there’s these people dressing up as clowns, as in clowns weren’t scary and creepy enough already. They should stay where they belong, the circus, that way if you don’t like them or have a life long fear of the scary man with a white face giving children balloons, you don’t have to see them. 

I’m not the only one afraid of them and they’re the bad, psycho and creepy characters in a great number of scary movies. This isn’t an insane and inexplicable fear; it’s pretty common, I mean, Chuckie from the Rugrats was scared of clowns too.

Let’s start with this, why would you dress a man as something that doesn’t even look human or any other living breathing object? I don’t have as many problems with people dressing up as a movie character at Disney world, even if it’s a dog, cat, Buzz Lightyear or even Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

But earlier this week I heard the clown thing from my cousin ; she told me that there are people dressing up as clowns and just showing up places. I was immediately freaked out, especially when my cousin told me that she heard that they would be around her school. I don’t know how many times I told her to be safe, stay with people, don’t go near them; I gave her a million instructions.

As far as I’ve heard, these clowns haven’t done anything to hurt people and I really hope they don’t, but what kind of sick joke is this? It’s not funny and I just hope this is one of those fads that just happen and then just go away. I don’t think this is funny, cute or original. I don’t know who these people are or why they’re doing this but I don’t think it’s funny.

I’m really, truly, genuinely terrified just hearing about this. Just writing this I have found scary clown images and I’m terrified.

Scary clown sighting attack craze


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