It has been a long time since the last time I got confused taking my  anti-epileptic medicine which has become a routine, but this morning I overslept a little bit. I woke up at nine, which is fine because it really doesn’t matter when I tale the medicine, as long as it’s sometime between 8 and 9, both am and pm. But when I saw 9 I rushed over to take my medicine and reached for the first thing I could find on the table. When I looked down at the table I realized I reached into the nightly dose of medicine, not the morning dose. I was still half asleep but as soon as I realized my mistake I woke up and stopped  and didn’t take any more.

Out my past mistakes with medicines I have learned that the first thing you do is call the doctor, so I did. His secretary wasn’t too alarmed and said she would ask him and call me back. It would have been a bigger deal if I was calling about a seizure or a missed dose, then I would have expected a call back. It was almost 4, no one had called and I didn’t know if I should just take the remaining 3 pills of today’s dose or take the usual four anyway. After I called again, the neurologist s instructions were to take four pills at 8 p.m., just like I do every night.

I don’t know how this works but I feel like right now I will have even less chance of having a seizure than I usually do. 



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