This morning we went for a walk on the new promenade outside old San Juan (Paseo de Puerta de Tierra) I could do the assignment I found out about on Friday.

All I have seen in this area for the last two years in construction, but I hadn’t seen it now that it’s done. I have to tell you, it is beautiful, it turned out great.  You can see the ocean, feel the ocean breeze, there are stops on the way where you can sit, look around, take in take pictures, and there are even places reserved for bikes for those using the bike/running lane right next to the promenade. That lane is clearly marked in green and is reserved for biking and running, so there shouldn’t be any accidents involving cars, runners, walkers or bikers.

It was a long walk, about 2.4 miles and the sun didn’t help; I got a weird suntan next to my shoulders. But, as tired as I was, I got a lot of pictured and was able to begin working on the photo essay, which I hope to complete tomorrow.


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