I have been doing my best to keep up with the class I’m taking, and I think it’s going pretty well, except for when the professor starts throwing homework assignments  at the end of class. It’s one, then quickly comes the other one and another one. By the time she’s done I missed one or two, but I don’t find out about it until I get to class or the day before class.

I still can’t handle so much information so fast; this is why I was given permission to record the class. When I gave my professor the paper work and talked to her about this, she said I wouldn’t need that. Not only that but I would have to ask everyone in class for permission to let me record; at that point I thought the class would be a big one, but there are only 8 other people in the class.

Now, as the semester has gone by, I realized that I can’t keep up with everything she says, as hard as I try to catch everything, I still need help. I also learned this week that in other classes a lot of students record the class while she is not looking, and I wonder if they have permission to do that, did they go through everything I did to get permission? I hope the students that do this just don’t know that you need permission to do this, although I think it’s common sense, if we couldn’t do that in high school and elementary school, we can’t do it in college. But if the professor does know, why can they do it and I can’t?

I won’t record the class without talking to the professor, but I really do need to; if I need permission from the other students, I’ll get it. I will not fall behind just because I did not get the help that I need and that I legally need to be given, and this is not special treatment, this is one of the recommended accommodations that I requested and was authorized to get.

I lost most of my savings to pay for this class and I will pass it.


One thought on “I requested and was promised accommodations, why can’t I get them?

  1. You have the right for special accommodations, and you should invoke them. Talk to your teachers. Mostly do not know how to deal with special students. Talk to your Dean. She should know.
    Hope everything goes well with you.


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