First, Happy Three Kings Day!

Today, my family was celebrating el día de Reyes in my aunt’s house. She has a backyard where my dogs could run around, so we brought them with us (after asking her if we could) for lunch . Later my brother brought Robin and Lego, his two dogs. We had four dogs in the house and we were trying to keep them all inside the house until the grass dried; it had rained so the grass was all muddy and wet.

They followed our instructions for a surprising amount of time, but then one of them got out when the door was open for like 5 seconds; while everyone stared in shock and thought about what to do, the others got out. Before we knew it Robin was full of mud.

My aunt told us it was ok to let them go out, she would clean later.

Those four dogs had so much fun running around in the mud, chasing each other, getting covered in mud, and exploring the different plants in the yard.

They did scare us as they got near the fence and the neighbors’ dogs started barking, but they didn’t run away scared , they just got closer to the fence. At one point I thought Indy had fallen through the fence into the other side. Thank god she didn’t because those dogs sounded like they could have eaten my little Indy.

When we tried to distract them, they just kept going back, so we decided that was enough and took them inside. One by one, they were all given a bath, which calmed Indy and Sandy down; they both fell asleep on my lap in the couch after they were clean and dry.

Robin and Lego still had energy but I think they probably fell asleep when they got in the car.

We carried Sandy and Indy to the car when we left, where they both slept the whole ride home. We thought they would be awake when we got here after sleeping for almost an hour, but nope, they just wanted to keep sleeping.

They have to be exhausted because I’m tired and I’m not a puppy, I had a lot of Diet Coke, I ate a lot of brownies, and I didn’t run today. I really hope they sleep well tonight and are back to being themselves tomorrow because we are taking them to PetSmart for some free classes to tell us about caring for and teaching puppies. I really hope they’re up for that tomorrow and that today wasn’t too much for them.

I really want to go because I want to learn everything I can about how to take care of my puppies. I have read some stuff but I don’t think that’s enough. I still feel like I’m doing something wrong. My puppies are beautiful and I want to do what’s best for them.


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