We attended a puppy training seminar PetSmart was hosting today, with our two puppies. I don’t mean to brag but everybody seems to agree that my puppies are adorable. I know people like puppies because they’re so cute, but people really like my dogs; people kept stopping and petting my puppies at the store. They like them more after they see how friendly they are.While we were waiting for it to begin, it was great to see Indy interacting and playing with the other dogs; Sandy was a little shy today.

When the class begun I got exited because the teacher picked Sandy as an example to show us something. I was very proud of my Sandy, even when she peed right in the middle of  the presentation, but in her defense they were using a wee wee pad.

They gave us some helpful tips on how to control them in the house, like using the leash inside the house, but we have been doing a lot of what he said. We felt pretty good about our dog parenting skills.

He did say we need to take them out to exercise everyday. We had only done that once in the parking lot downstairs, and yesterday they ran and played around so much I thought they’d be too tired to walk today, but earlier today we took them for a walk. They were very well behaved, walked and even ran a little. I’ve wanted to do that ever since we brought them home but I thought they were still too young. They had fun meeting new dogs, walking and running today.

He also said if you didn’t have time to take them outside you could get a treadmill for the dog. What? I had to hold my laughter there. Is there such a thing as a treadmill for dogs? Wont they fall? There is no space in my apartment and if there will be a treadmill in my house I will be the one using it.

I’m loving puppy training because it’s teaching me a lot too. I am responsible for them so I have to stay alert they don’t eat something they shouldn’t, break anything, pee or poop where they shouldn’t, and I have to clean up after them. It’s a lot of new responsibility and I love it, I love seeing how they learn stuff I teach them, I love to see them happy and seeing them come and just lay down on me when they’re tired.

So far having dogs has been very therapeutic for me and they’re not therapy dogs, even though we can train them to be therapy dogs. I feel like it’s therapy because I’m not alone during the day, they keep me  company and give me responsibility during the day. They still have a lot to learn and so do I so this is just the beginning of a very fun adventure, and I will be sharing my adventures with all of you.




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