Today we were celebrating my grandfather’s 80th birthday, for this, one of his daughters planned something bigger than the usual immediate family lunch or dinner. This is a big birthday, so the celebration was a little bigger than usual. His friends, sister, brother in law and nieces were also invited.

After lunch, before having cake, my grandpa thanked everyone for going and said those friends are not just friends, they are like family. They have known each other for decades, my grandpa and them have developed a friendship that has lasted for decades.

I thought  is was really a beautiful thing, being able to keep friends after so many years and so many changes in your life. Having friends who stay by your side as you raise children, then as your children raise your grandchildren. It really felt like family when they told me they remembered when I was a baby; I don’t think anyone but my family has known me for 26 years.

Friendships like that are sometimes hard to find but if you have a friendship like that, don’t let it slip away. I have friends I call my sisters, they are like family; I don’t know where we will be in 6 months but distance hasn’t separated us for now so I hope we are still sisters when we’re 80.

Oooh, and we had as awesome paella.




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