There is nothing like taking your puppies out for a walk, them barking at other dogs, pulling on the leash and trying to wander off to god knows where; but once you get more comfortable  and confident that you are the leader it starts to get easier and you start to relax. The best part comes when you realize you are the leader, not the dog, she or he has to do what you say, not be nervous anymore and can relax a little. 

It has taken me a long time and I’m still having a little trouble with this; I don’t want to force my puppy to walk if she doesn’t want to walk or go where she doesn’t wants to go, but she is not the boss. Everyday I walk her, I learn how to lead her better and today was one of those days.

When my stepdad, Jose, and I took Indi and Sandy out for their daily walk, I was able to control Sandy most of the time so she would stay by my side, not in front of me pulling on the leash. When we got to the area where it felt safe, I started to run with Sandy running by my side, leaving Jose and Indy far behind us. I had wanted to do this ever since I got my puppies, just go out there and run with them.

I had run with them but I always had someone near me, looking out for me, but today it was just me and Sandy running until we got to the end and had to turn back around. We weren’t totally alone, Jose and Indi were behind us, but I couldn’t see them and they couldn’t see us. This felt great, running free with Sandy by my side, enjoying the fresh air and no one looking out for me. I was in charge, I told Sandy what to do and I was the leader; of course this also meant that I had to find something to clean up after she had to… go. I was able to handle this and manage my puppy while walking and running all by myself.

I feel extremely unstoppable today!


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