As I keep looking for jobs, I keep seeing that there are a lot of positions available in marketing, Graphic Design, Business Administration, Programing and Web Development. For some of them you don’t really need to have a lot of experience in that field, just some basic knowledge. This week I decided I’m going to learn, at least the basics, of these fields. I already started by signing up to a free Marketing course on Coursera. You can also continue talking clases and earn a certificate but I am just checking it out.

Once I get comfortable with this course I will look into signing up to others, like Web Development. I want to learn more, challenge myself and be ready to work. I want to be open to apply to many different jobs, not just writing jobs. This is my passion but jobs require more knowledge, everything does. I also want to learn Web Development and Programing for my blog, to be able to make it better and help it grow. I want my blog to grow and I want to learn more so I can write about these things.

One of the best tools for writing better is reading so I will start learning more and reading more. I am reading two books right not, but it’s taking me a long time, and I have a longer one in line.

So lets get to it!




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