Today was an exiting day for Indi and Sandy; after the morning walk we decided to take them to the beach for the first time. They had walked through the beach in their morning walks on weekends, but today we didn’t walk by the beach, we actually went to the beach. When we got there we set up our camp under the shade of a tree and threw a towel on the sand for the girls to sit on. The towel was soon lost in the sand, they had a lot of fun making a mess in the sand.


We had to keep our eyes on them, even though we didn’t take of their leaches off because they wanted to eat everything in the sand, all the leaves, twigs, junk, rocks, and everything else. Later we moved away from the tree to get more shade and they had no more junk in the sand to try to put in their mouth so they began digging wholes in the sand. They started digging one, then moved on to another one and another one, and covered everybody in sand.

Digging holes in the sand is normal for children, at least it was for me and my brother when we went to the beach growing up, so I thought maybe this was the same thing, just trying to dig a deep whole. It turns out it has nothing to do with fun of dogging a deep hole, they just wanted to get to the cold sand. It was really hot, the just wanted to keep digging to get to the cold sand.


We think they had a good time at the beach, exploring and running around in the sand. They have been sleeping and laying down in different corners at home after the beach.



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