I never really liked baseball; I thought it was too slow, well I still think it’s too slow. My grandma tried to teach my brother and me when we were little because she likes it but I was never good at it; maybe that’s another reason I don’t like it. I could never hit the ball or throw it, probably due to bad hand-eye coordination, and this just frustrated me. Also I feel like it takes too long for anything to happen.

Even though I never liked the game, for the last few nights I have been watching the World Baseball Classic, watching Puerto Rico play. So far, we have won all three games of the first round against Mexico, Italy and Venezuela. We are currently in the second round playing the defending champions, Dominican Republic, which worries me but the game is tied right now.

As long as we’re in the tournament, I will be watching and cheering for us, I know we can do this.

¡ Vamos Puerto Rico!

Update: Puerto Rico won 3-1!!! 


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