For the last two weeks we have been celebrating because our baseball team, #teamrubio, had an amazing journey in the World Baseball Classic. Our team's participation had everyone glued to the tv, even those of us who don't like baseball or normally watch it; it was the same feeling we had last summer when Monica … Continue reading #TeamPuertoRico

2017 World Baseball Classic

I never really liked baseball; I thought it was too slow, well I still think it's too slow. My grandma tried to teach my brother and me when we were little because she likes it but I was never good at it; maybe that's another reason I don't like it. I could never hit the … Continue reading 2017 World Baseball Classic


Roberto Clemente is the name heard around Puerto Rico, from coliseums and stadiums around the island named after him, to posters, statues, among other things around the island remembering the great Puerto Rican baseball legend. Clemente played for the Pittsburg Pirates for 18 seasons and has 3,000 major league hits. This legend set an example … Continue reading #Retire21