Just in case, if you have seen the new Beauty and the Beast but have seen the original, 1991 animated version, don’t worry, there are no spoilers here. If you haven’t seen the 1991 or 2017 version I must insist that you go watch both movies, 1991 first, then 2017.

With that said, I am happy to also say that last night I went back to my childhood while watching the Beauty and the Beast live-action remake. It was released yesterday and of course I had to go as soon as it was in theaters, being a child of the 90’s and growing up with this iconic movie.

I was so happy I clapped when  I saw Beauty and the Beast on the screen as the movie started. I think I was the only one who clapped so I made sure nobody heard but in my opinion, everyone there should have clapped, I mean, it was Beauty and the Beast. If they were also at the movies at 9:00 pm on a weekday, they were also fans. I don’t always go to the movies at 9 pm, when I do , it’s something big like Star Wars or Beauty and the Beast.

Anyway,  I was happy, smiling , laughing ,and singing along throughout the whole movie, like I was a little girl and this was my first time watching this movie, but it wasn’t. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve seen it. Yet, being such a big movie, I was afraid I would be let down; I but it was all I imagined it would be and maybe a tittle bit more. The movie copied the original, scene by scene, from the story of how he became the Beast to the end when the curse is broken.

The only differences are the fact that it’s not animated and the addition of some songs, but this took nothing away from the story, maybe even added a little bit of emotion to it because they are people, not animations. The human side of the story, even if it is fiction, will always add more feeling to it. I was nervous when anything happened to the characters, I was angry when they didn’t believe Maurice, I was happy when Belle starts falling for the beast, when the beast is happy and every time they sang those happy songs.

The special effects added more to this and helped make it all as magical as the original and to make all the characters come alive is breathtaking. Disney worked its magic  again, just like on The Jungle Book, and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us.

It truly is magical and I recommend everyone to go see it. It will not disappoint you or take anything away from the original; nothing in the story is taken out or changed, it’s funny, sweet, sometimes you get nervous even though you know how it ends.

Seriously, go watch it now!!!



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