For the last two weeks we have been celebrating because our baseball team, #teamrubio, had an amazing journey in the World Baseball Classic. Our team’s participation had everyone glued to the tv, even those of us who don’t like baseball or normally watch it; it was the same feeling we had last summer when Monica Puig was playing tennis during the Olympic Games. They even got me hooked, watching the games before going to bed.

We made it to the championship game, held last night at the Dodger Stadium in L.A, against the United States, where our winning streak was broken. But this was not a loss or disappointment for us, it was an opportunity to show the world that we are here, we are a force to be reckoned with, and we celebrate every chance we get. Our boys did not win that one game, but we made it ’till the end. It doesn’t matter that our boys didn’t win the last game, they showed us and the world that they are champions and they gave it all they had to make us proud, to unite us and to give us some good news that we needed.

Our boys, #losnuestros, came home today, where they were greeted at the airport by fans and were picked up by two double decker busses. A caravan followed them and people flooded the streets to see them, as they made their way to the Convention Center

Because they were driving by my apartment, my mother and I decided to go downstairs to say hello to our champions. We couldn’t see this from upstairs, but the avenue look like a street fair, it was a party down there. People on both sides of the street, standing in the building entrances, the sidewalk and looking from the balconies. There were residents from the buildings, employees from all the stores and businesses, and students. Some of them had umbrellas to keep them dry and others, like me, who went out in the cold rain wearing flip flops.

As we all waited downstairs in the rain, first came police men in cars and motorcycles, then came the bus with the baseball team all standing upstairs greeting and saying hello to all the fans and people welcoming them home. They were all happily waving and saying hello to people; they were looking at each one of us and saying hello, like, the baseball players said hi to me. I saw a boy give them a catcher mitt and a pen, which they all passed around and signed.

Llegaron nuestros campeones del Clásico Mundial de Beisbol 2017

Welcome home #teamrubio

I could see the happiness in the players’ faces, happiness because they were home and were welcome by all the people who never lost faith in them. They gave us a chance to celebrate once again, because that’s one of the great things about Puerto Rico, we know how to celebrate and we celebrate any chance we get. We didn’t win but came really close to winning and we played our best.

Mensaje de joven boricua a Adam Jones
Gracias #teamrubio! Estamos bien orgullosos de ustedes y de verdad nos unieron en estas dos semanas.



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