Yesterday I started learning how to code, in It’s free and with all the free time I have, you know not having a job or anything, I can dedicate some time to learning something that is very useful right now, especially if I ever plan of hosting this blog anywhere besides WordPress.

Knowing how to write is not getting me any jobs and I don’t want to be negative, I try my best not to be, but this is getting really frustrating. I never expected this and I wont blame the accident because what happened, happened and I’m ok now,  but come on. I’m writing every day, I’m offering freelance writing and I’m trying to write a book, but who knows when that will be done and if it’s any good, so I have to learn how to do something else.

I don’t like to write angry posts and I haven’t given up and I will keep doing everything I can to get my life back together, I am unstoppable, but when something is not working you have to try something else. I don’t know if learning how to code will take me anywhere, but it’s something I will be able to add to my skills and it’s pretty interesting.

If I’m not working, at least I have to be learning something.


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