Tonight, as we were walking our dogs,, there was this van pulling out of the driveway of a hotel. Out of nowhere the man stops the van and asks us, do you want bread?” What? What kind of random question is that? I mean, if you ask my mom and me obviously the answer is yes, but why was he asking? I would have just ignored him and kept walking if I was alone; I was taught to not take food from strangers.

My mom wanted to know more about this bread thing so she laughed and asked him why. He laughed and said there was an event at the hotel and they still had some bags of bread, if we wanted some. “OK!”, we said, excited to be getting some free bread. When the guy leans back to get the bread, he comes back with three bags; I’m guessing it was one bag for each of us.

After we thanked the man we kept walking with two dogs and three bag of Pan Pepin bread, if you have never heard of Pan Pepin, it’s bread made in Puerto Rico. This brand originated in the 70’s on the town of Bayamon and it is one of the great bread companies in Puerto Rico. Btw, bread in Puerto Rico is pretty awesome.

Anyway going back to my story, as we continued our walk my mom carried the three bags of bread, but we began to to think about it, won’t all this bread get expired before we eat it all? We were thinking about putting it in the freezer so we had time to eat it, but still three bags was a lot. Then, as we got to our building’s I looked back and saw my mom giving one of the bags to the parking lot guard. That was so nice and I still feel like a horrible person that I didn’t think for one second to share it with anyone, I just thought we have a lot of bread. I never thought, like my mom did, to give it to someone else, to pay it forward.

Just like that very nice man gave us the bread that they were probably going to throw away, my mom gave it to someone else who I’m sure appreciated it just as much as we did when they gave it to us. Just like this was a nice surprise to us, taking the dogs for a walk and coming home with three bags of bread, I’m sure it was for him.

It’s nice to see that there are still good people and three are more good people than bad people. My mom reminded me of that and she is completely right; that’s why I’m still sitting here writing today. Never forget that and any time you get frustrated and think there is no hope, it’s all horrible, just think about that; there it more good that evil in the world.


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