Today my friend Fransheska and I decided we wanted to cook a meal together. I have not really cooked in 5 years, not a real meal on the stove and chopping and mixing ingredients in a pan, kind of cooking.

So I decided that I had to make something with a lot of ingredients that took a long time to make not because I was confident we could do it, I was pretty sure we would fail, but just because I wanted to really cook something. I wanted to make Ropa Vieja (Cuban Meat Stew), a Cuban recipe of shredded beef with vegetable like olive, onions and peppers, with Arroz Blanco (White Rice).

I had never made it but knew it was difficult because it takes a long time and you have to stew the meat until it’s soft enough to shred, but I wanted a challenge.

So we set up the ingredients:

img_1069 img_1070

Started chopping the vegetables:

Seasoning the meat:

Heating olive oil:

Then we had to add the steak and start cooking it:


Remove the meat and start cooking onions and peppers:

Add sofrito and garlic:


Tomato and sazón


Shred meat with a fork:

Mix meat with sauce:

Make white rice




Be proud of your awesome team work:



img_1087Eat dessert:


(We didn’t make the dessert)​​

We had a great time ​​during those two hours, talking about everything going on in our lives and catching up. It had been a long time since I got to spend time like that with a friend and laugh so much. I think we both needed this, some time not talking about our problems, just laughing and being the great duo we make and we had a great time.

#batmanandrobin #marioandluigi

Oh, before I forget, our Ropa Vieja was amazing! Next recipe, mofongo.



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