What do you think Gutenberg would have said if they told him one day we will be able to print objects?  He would probably say that was witchcraft, I live in the 21st century and I honestly didn’t get it or think it was possible until I saw it, it was mind blowing. I thought that was still being developed, but I was wrong, these technology has gone so far that they are now able to print things like drawings, skulls and even houses.

That’s right, I said skulls. A skull was printed for a seven years old boy who suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury. Having two pieces of my skull removed I can understand this boy’s joy that he has a complete head again, doesn’t have to wear a helmet anymore and can be a normal kid again.  This can also help make the process so much faster.

I still can’t believe that could be done and I had my skull replaced too, but it wasn’t made by a printer. My new skull took about five months to make.

Here is a video where you can see how 3D printing is used and what it can be used for:


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