Today I went to the movies with one of the strongest women I know, my mom, to watch Wonder Woman. It was weird that she wanted to see a superhero movie, but not that she wanted to see a woman kick some butt.

The movie did not disappoint, it told the story of the amazon heroine who fights during WW I. Wonder Woman is not only a physically strong woman but she has a pure heart, not thinking only about herself but willing to take risks to save others, which means she also has a pure heart. She shows us to be brave, strong and to fight for what is right. Yes, she is not like the rest of the humans, she is an Amazon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from this character.

This is a very good example for girls and women to see all the power we can have and the positive change we can bring. We can all be brave, strong, stand up for ourselves and others, and we can all be Wonder Woman at some point in our lives.

And can I say that I think Wonder Woman’s outfit looks like the most comfortable superhero outfit? You can move in that without stretching it or tearing it and it’s a cute outfit.


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