My puppies, who are close to being 7 months old are growing up too fast. Last week we took them to the Humane Society to be sterilized. I wanted to be with them when we left them there for their appointment but I was told it would be better if I stayed home, I don’t think I could have handled leaving them there. I was distracted from worrying about my puppies by going to the movies, which really worked and pretty soon after the movie was over it was time to go get them.

When we picked them up at the Humane Society they were both groggy, walking really slowly to the car and quickly falling asleep on our way home. I kept looking at them and felt bad because I know that dizzy/sleepy feeling after a surgery. Part of their grogginess meant drooling all over both my legs, which I tried in vain to dry for a while until I realized it wasn’t worth it.

They each have to wear a “cone of shame” (Up. Disney, 2009) and I feel so bad for them.

I don’t know what they’re going through, but that just reminds me of the helmet I had to wear for five months after my accident. It’s not the same thing, I know they are going nuts trying to get that thing off, they can’t even eat from their food bowls with that cone, but it just reminds me of how bad I wanted to get rid of that thing. Sandy even ate her cone off and had to get a new one, a stronger one. Indy is trying to break her s but that one is pretty strong.

They really can’t do anything they like jump, go on walks or even wrestle, even though they try.  This is for their best and I heard that dogs usually calm down after they’re sterilized, Robin and Lego did; let’s see if Indy and Sandy calm down a little, even if I still want them to be the friendly, loving, playful puppies they are.


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