Yesterday I learned how to cut a pineapple we would use today to make Piña Colada. I told her we had to make it when she bought two pineapples on this weekend, but by we I meant you ( my aunt, Titi Marta), so we made it today for Father’s Day. I had never done that in my life, and I informed her (Titi Marta) that I have never even eaten a pineapple, I just like Piña Coladas, but she said she would teach me how to make it.

So first she cut off the crown and the stem, sliced the skin off, and then taught me how to remove the eye spots.

As she demonstrated I was just afraid I would cut my fingers off when I did it, but thank God I didn’t. There was no blood or any accidents but my pineapple didn’t look as nice and professional as hers, mine looked like a child had removed the eyes.

It really didn’t matter because later she cut it again into large pieces and today it all went into the Osterizer today when we (she, I watched and took pictures of the process) made it the Piña Colada.



That was all new to me but I would like to do that again, maybe even take more action in making the Piña Colada because in the end it turned out really good.

I accomplished a lot this weekend, sanding and painting two chairs, making a Piña Colada and making sure my dogs didn’t get car sick today. It was all a success, let’s see what else this week brings.

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