I was woken up at 5:57 this morning, not 6:00, 5:57. It was painful enough for me knowing I would have to wake up at six, but being woken up those three seconds earlier made me feel like they had woken me up at midnight. I couldn’t find the strength to have breakfast or do anything else so early in the morning but I managed to get ready and still have time to play with my dogs for a few minutes.

I woke up so early because I signed up to come to my grandparents’ beach house to help paint. My assignment was finish painting two chairs, but before I could paint them I had to sand and wipe them, which was so much fun. I thought this would be easy because when I was told what to do, it sounded like I could do it really fast, which was not the case. There was so much that needed to be fixed, from too much paint in some areas, to bubbles formed by a mess of primer.




By the time I finished I felt like a professional, having removed all the excess paint and primer, painting over all that mess and achieving an almost new chair. I think any small mistake will be covered up by the new cushions or I will just say that was on purpose; problem solved.

Besides, I am very proud of my almost new chairs and I won’t let anyone criticize them or complain. If they don’t like them, sit somewhere else. But with enough practice and I think I could get into the furniture painting business, if my writing dreams don’t go anywhere.


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