I love seeing romantic-comedies and I would love it more if they were true stories, I mean, how awesome would it be if The Wedding Singer or Love Actually were true stories?

Well, today I saw that true story romantic comedy, it’s called The Big Sick, but I didn’t know this until the end. In this movie, Kumail Ninjiani plays himself as he tells the story of how he and his wife Emily, played by Zoe Kazan, met. The romance is complicated by their cultural differences and then him meeting her parents during a medical crisis. I won’t even give you a hint of the medical crisis so you will see it and I don’t give spoilers.

It has everything a romantic comedy needs, their meet-cute, the complicated “break-up” where you just want everything to work out and the cute happy ending.

It’s a very stress free, entertaining, funny summer movie; go see it!

P.S. It got 97% on Rotten Tomatoes if that helps anyone.



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